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Valentine’s Day in the robotic era

Yesterday after a show, our jazz trio had ordered a post-gig meal at Denny’s, this robot casually rolls over to gives us the food. “Enjoy!” It says cheerfully in a faintly sexy feminine voice, as we took the dishes off. …blink blink… We looked at each other.

Denny’s robot

Yea, yea… it’s one of those old-people-what-will-they-think-of-next writings.

A friend upon returning from a trip to China in 2000, incredulously telling us “did you know almost everyone over there has their OWN cellphone!? …blink blink… sitting in the track kitchen, we are like, “no way!”

To those of us who have lived through the switch from the morning newspaper to internet news, podcasts and apps. Instead of shouting out your window, like Howard Beale “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” in the 1975 film classic Network scene, we’re now able to gripe on the internet! We can write anything our heart desires for all to see… Throw up a video, or create a poster of sorts… a meme… to tell your views to the world. Livestream in the moment instantaneously… Blink blink…

It’s been an unbelievable ride.

Instead of visiting, writing a letter, or calling them on the phone, we may now “check in” on our friends, family or even distant acquaintances on Instagram. (We’re so used to doing it that it doesn’t even get a blink)

Weirdly enough, in their quest to keep everyone engaged on the platform, the algorithms seem to quite readily pick up sorrow and misery. Frequently a prayer request, sickness or death announcement is the first post we see when we login. Our connections are mourning losses, maybe in the ER themselves, or just plain sad.

Admittedly, it comes in handy. A good jolt to come to reality, that all those shiny rosy posts aren’t what everyone’s life is.

Point being, Valentine’s Day isn’t always such a happy day for everyone. 

This is a really letter of comfort, to all those folks whose Valentine is no longer with them. Or for those who never found one. Or for the ones who are in pain from injury, sickness or health issues, young or old… or those who are living in a car, or on the street, lost their job or in a bad situation. You are a most wonderful awesome miraculous being. Please don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise, tries to diminish you or take away the uniqueness that defines you.

And for those who have one of those fabulous lives that you see on social media, a gorgeous home and family, a healthy lifestyle and prosperity. Truly hoping that you can take a moment out and lend a hand to someone, give them a ring, a text, a friendly Facebook message.

Or maybe just a few bucks to someone on the side of the road.

Or take them to the Denny’s on route one in Alexandria, They have a robot there!




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