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Top 10 ways to Chase Away the “Winter Blues” Horsemen vs Artists

2018, the number seemed so far in the future at one time for many of us. Yet here we are.

It’s cold, ice – ridden, and the days just don’t seem to last long enough. Seasonal depression is a known human dynamic acknowledged by the medical community,

Harness Horsemen have a real advantage, as they work outside all day, and just being around the Equine species in general has a wonderful effect on the brain. Most modern Horsemen have adopted the skiers / snowboarders garb (if you haven’t get some!) To properly dress for the weather. Big Dees has great outerwear. So does Chick’s Saddlery.

Musicians, Artists, and those doing indoor jobs have a whole set of physical and mental problems to deal with. Inactivity, mental stress, over focusing among many other factors can set a person up for seasonal depression.

Holistic folk have been aware of it since Og was sitting in a cave in Lascaux France creating gorgeous art during the Ice age. Was monsieur Og painting for hunting luck, or ceremony? Or was he just cheering himself up through self expression?

Here’s some ideas and tips for making the most out of the winter months. Feel free to add to the list in the comments!


Get outside: any which way you can. Walk the dog, rake the yard, go window shopping, walk the cat! REI might be always trying to make a buck selling clothes, but I love their journal (After all they want folks to be healthy so they’ll buy more of their product right?)


Have a room with natural light in it. That’s right open up those shades.


Supplements that strengthen your nervous system: I’m not a physician so always ask them first before taking anything because it might interact with your issues or meds you’re taking.

I take small doses of anything and don’t believe in mega-doses. Don’t espouse to the notion that “more is better” ..go more by “a little goes a long way.” Trader Joe’s is where I get mine or Moms Market I Also order American loose herbs online, and for Chinese I go to a spot in DC.

  1. D3 is the “sunshine vitamin”. If you drink organic milk it is not added.
  2. vitamin C to ward off colds
  3. Turmeric to ease inflammation
  4. ginger is good to heat you up or for upset stomach
  5. Bach Rescue Drops – Keep on hand for emergency anxiety. Anxiety frequently accompanies depression
  6. Green Oatstraw. This works over a period of time to build up your nervous system.
  7. Grapeseed Extract is a nerve strengthener and improves concentration- it also helps with food intolerances and allergies.


Actually, doing arts, crafts, or hobbies is indeed one way to combat the blues. Self expression. Doing this for fun is the key. If it becomes too stressful, competitive, or burdensome, it’s only adding to the blues and becomes a source of depression instead of the remedy. Sure you want to excel at anything you’re doing, but keep it light, and get in touch with the enjoyable aspect of your activity, even if you do it for a living!


Helping others:

Depression is frequently self centered and a person must guard against becoming totally obsessed with their own state of affairs. Working in a soup kitchen, donating to and sharing about a charity that speaks to you, or helping out a needy friend will get you centering on the rest of the earth instead of just you.


Meditative disciplines:

Yoga, Tai Chi, Tapping and many more! your choice of meditation types can be an awesome and effective tool to achieve balance through the winter.



We’re like bears sometimes in the winter. We need calories to stay the course, in short you gotta eat!

Celery – one of the absolute most powerful vegetables to help brain and mood function. Juice a whole stalk each day and drink it. It’s also a source of natural sodium and electrolytes, so you can get rid of the sugary and salty sports drinks.

Garlic & Onions:

These will heat you up on the inside and help keep up your immune system.


Huge source of selenium which helps your immune system. I buy organic eggs. Non organic eggs have been laid by chickens fed by the large Ag companies only interested in the bottom line. If you’re a farmer and make your living doing this I understand, but I’m not buying your eggs.

Some tend to follow the Chinese way and eat less raw foods and more cooked in the winter.



A sense of humor never hurts. Mock that wintertime dark horse and find something funny to say, do or think about. Watch a comedy. Tell a joke. Tickle your funny bone!


Stay on your meds,

Withdrawal from prescription medicines can cause serious mental and physical issues. If you are under a doctors care and don’t feel you’re being helped, switch doctors. If you switch medications also do it gradually.



It’s never hopeless and tomorrow is a new day, if you feel too hopeless call a friend or family, and no one’s around Call 911 or the Suicide Hotline. 1-800-273-8255

Enjoy the winter, it’s a time for the cold to kill off all the bugs, molds and the schmoo that’s in the air. The plants rest and come back with renewed vigor when the weather breaks. (It’s also a good time to re watch all those Star Trek episodes over a bit of bourbon)

Live Long And Prosper!

Backside Of Lee District Park, they’ve got lots of woods paths back there. Once owned by Virginia Sand and Gravel,


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