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Page Cover: Jazz Trotters meeting star Harness Racehorse Foiled Again during his Farewell Tour Shenandoah Downs

Hello and welcome to our site! We represent, document and promote a consortium of musicians, plus human or animal organizations and charities. Feel free to look around… email us with any questions. God bless!


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New album release:

Get the new Album Release – Old Rhodes by Arthur Lisi
Free downloads for Radio DJs

Zebra magazine Article: The Charity Catjammers Set a New Fundraising Record with Zoom Concert Read More

Zoom view of people playing music for Charity

Feb 18th: Charity Catjammers raised $3094.80 for The 25th Project. A new Catjammer record!!! Hit the photo to view the jam session. Thanks to these big hearted & talented musicians who sang and played to help our area’s homeless community. You can still Donate here
Special thanks to the Mason Neck Lions Club for their contribution!

Our Bands / music:

Each band has Social Media and YouTube accounts. We pay all licensing fees to post covers, we believe writers and creators of music should be compensated.

King Street Bluegrass

Our Flagship band, “KSB” has been entertaining the public since 2008, Their 2021 Album “Stroke Of Luck” is streaming on all sites, and physical copies plus more recordings are available on their website.

King Street Bluegrass album covers Stroke Of Luck and Live At Mr. Henry's

King Street Bluegrass made the Finalists for 2 WAMMIE awards! Best Bluegrass Album & Best Bluegrass Artist/Group. Top Industry Judges determine the winners.

Surf Jaguars

Surf Jaguars

The Surf Jaguars have made a big hit this year with their unique mix of beach music and rock & roll!

The Jazz Trotters

The Jazz Trotters
The Jazz Trotters

The Jazz Trotters bring standards and more modern versions, as befits the occasion. Lovely lady singers never fail to entertain the audience!

Arthur Lisi AAA Music.

Bring life to your songs. Demos, Arrangments and Sound.

Arthur Lisi at the Birchmere with Cleve Francis musicians onstage clapping
Read more about Arthur Lisi
Arthur has led a storied life, he plays keys and is our musical director and producer.

Roger Hart and Alpha Dog Blues

Roger Hart playing harmonica logo alongside Alpha Dog Blues Band
Roger Hart is quite the performer with a variety of musical skills. His singular harmonica solos always deliver. Check out his band

Nancy Lisi Music and Schedule

Nancy Lisi playing upright bass
Nancy Lisi promoter, radio worker bee, horsewoman & performer. She loves helping others, playing about town on Upright bass or guitar & writes songs as well. Check her songs out

Videos, Livestreaming and editing

GoPro camera and setup

Affiliated Links:

Mason Neck Lions Club #weserve

Mason Neck Lions Club #weserve

Bluegrass Country Radio

Bluegrass Country Radio

Bluegrass Country Foundation

(Owners of Bluegrass Country Radio)

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Preserve Harness Racing group

Harness racehorsses behind the starting gate
Preserve Harness Racing facebook group

Friends Of Md Standardbreds

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