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title: “Giving Thanks”

Cover Photo: Photo of Rocky Bomber at Shenandoah Downs – photo by Amanda Blackford

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4 thoughts on “Newsletter: contact

  1. Y’all were great !
    What did you call that dance I did again?
    I think I know the actor you were talking about.
    Anywho, please check out my artwork at the art of Laurence Eric Chambers on Facebook.
    Let me know what you think .
    Oh, and not to be too bold, but there are times when the canvas is more beautiful than the art.😛

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    1. Hi Larry, it was called the Carlton originally and was done on the Fresh Prince of Belair Show to the Tom Jones tune “it’s not unusual” by the character of the same name, Carton. Later, it was recognizable by many as the dance that was done by Actor/musician/security guard Derrick T. Tuggle on the famous video by the Black Keys song, “Lonely Boy”. Quite a story behind that video because it made the song a big hit.


  2. Awesome! I had no clue you were over to Dovington!!! I am about 1/2 hr away. If you are over please let me know I would love to come meet you in person!! Guess I need to look at Instagram more. If I am able I will be there if you don’t mind. I know basically everyone I am friends with but a few so if I get the chance I always want to meet them.

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