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Arthur Lisi now has his own website. Here or hit the photo!

“Lion Dave Collyer turns grief into helping the less fortunate” Read All About It – Over $1000 raised at 2021 Year-end fundraiser concert, in honor of Jim Collyer for Lorton Community Action Center.

King Street Bluegrass helps Dave Collyer raise money for his favorite charity in the wake of losing his son.

Nov 7, 2021: King Street Bluegrass helps to save a one-time lonely overgrown fountain, now dubbed “Beeler Fountain”

Beeler Fountain can still use your donations to complete the restoration…
click on the picture to do so.

The charity-minded band was requested to help raise funds to save a one-time lonely overgrown fountain that was being restored. It turned into a gala affair, with The Big Cheese food truck, facepainting by Fairy Jennabelle, a bake sale & more! They are doing a beautiful job and want to completely restore it. Click on the collage or use -to help the Magic Gardeners! Photos – Audrey Rothstein

Arthur Lisi’s 2021 recording release:

Hit the album cover to Read all about Arthur lisi: bio, Radio AirPlay for DJs, interviews, and news…and to get the songs on your favorite platform.
Old Rhodes release by Arthur Lisi

Zebra magazine Article: The Charity Catjammers Set a New Fundraising Record for the Homeless with a Zoom Concert Read More

Click here for the actual jam session! Begins 20 minutes in

Feb 18th: Charity Catjammers raised $3094.80 for The 25th Project. A new Catjammer record!!! Hit the photo to view the jam session. Thanks to these big hearted & talented musicians who sang and played to help our area’s homeless community. You can still Donate here
Special thanks to the Mason Neck Lions Club for their generosity!

2 thoughts on “News and Newsletter: contact

  1. Awesome! I had no clue you were over to Dovington!!! I am about 1/2 hr away. If you are over please let me know I would love to come meet you in person!! Guess I need to look at Instagram more. If I am able I will be there if you don’t mind. I know basically everyone I am friends with but a few so if I get the chance I always want to meet them.

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