Last week of August Newsletter:


Titled: “Does Music Really Matter?”

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The cover photo: Rocky Bomber at the starting gate, he finished fourth in the Delaware Sires Stakes

Sat Sept 21st 8pm at Gloria’s Listening Room: Special offer is ONLY here. First 20 attendees to the show get these items. Plus, you will be helping out a great charity, because Gloria Faye’s mission is bringing music to kids in need!
• Souvenir KSB pens
• Handy KSB Clips and
• a preview Stroke Of Luck CD!

Get your tickets now
or at the door!
Check out Drum and Strum music store, and the fabulous town of Warrenton Virginia!
Address (Get Directions)
Gloria Faye Dingus Music Alliance
92 Main Street Warrenton, VA 20186

2 thoughts on “Newsletter:

  1. Awesome! I had no clue you were over to Dovington!!! I am about 1/2 hr away. If you are over please let me know I would love to come meet you in person!! Guess I need to look at Instagram more. If I am able I will be there if you don’t mind. I know basically everyone I am friends with but a few so if I get the chance I always want to meet them.

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